About NECA

NECA is dedicated to enhancing the industry through continuing education, labor relations, current information and promotional activities. It is the voice of the electrical contracting industry, working to promote higher standards, quality workmanship and training for a skilled workforce.

Local Chapter

Represents you in relations with labor, the public, local civic and industry groups, and government; ensures you get the most out of association services; improves local industry conditions.

Labor Relations

At the Chapter-Local Union level; at NECA-IBEW District level; at NECA National-IBEW International level in collective bargaining; settlement of disputes through the Council of Industrial Relations; administration of the Employees Benefit Agreement.

Technical and Training

Gives you labor and operating cost data and manuals; provides training courses and workshops in business management, estimating, job management, and accounting. Business forms for electrical contractors are available.

Apprenticeship and Training

Establishes national standards; promotes and assists in national and local apprenticeships and training programs.

Fair Trade Practices

Champions fair trading policies and the contractor’s role in the distribution of electrical equipment and materials.

Codes and Standards

Provides representation on National Electrical Code Committees; recommends changes to codes; reviews licensing and inspection regulations and recommends changes when necessary.

Insurance Programs

Offers competitive Life, Accident, Health, and complete Business Insurance Programs with the objective of providing maximum coverage for the least cost.


Expands opportunities for members to secure more business at a profit; advertises member services; provides sales training and special marketing training; promotes industry cooperation; representation in relations with utilities, suppliers and distributors.

Industry Relations

Provides liaison with architects, engineers, general contractors, building owners, and other branches of industry; promotes fair bidding and payment procedures; representation on business and industry councils; keeps members informed of NECA activities and policies through ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS and NECA Newsletter.

Government Relations

Represents contractors’ interest before local, state and federal governments; informs legislators of industry’s views and assist members with their problems with the government contracting agencies; provides effective legislative information and action for the entire industry. Supports industry-oriented candidates for Federal office through its political action committee.

Field Service

Brings NECA services to the Chapter and its members. Provides individual management consulting service; periodic District meetings and National Convention; Chapter organization and service.

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