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IBEW Local Union 269 Fringe Benefits
(Inside Agreement)

National Electrical Benefit Fund 3% of gross labor payroll
Local Pension 8% of gross labor payroll
Annuity 15% of gross labor payroll
Supplemental Fund (Other) 3% of gross monthly payroll
Health and Welfare 20% gross labor payroll
Administrative Fund 1.5% of gross labor payroll
NECA Service Charge 3/4 of 1% of gross labor payroll
Apprenticeship-Training Fund (JATC) 1.3% of gross labor payroll
Temporary Disability 25 cents per hour for each hour worked
National Labor/Management Co-op 01 cent per hour for each hour worked
Anniversary Date of Agreement
Travel Expense None
Overtime Monday thru Friday, the first four hours of overtime shall be paid at time and one-half, the remaining time shall be paid at double time. The first eight hours worked on Saturday shall be at time and one-half, the remaining time shall be paid at double time. Overtime on sundays and holidays shall be paid at double time.

Notes: A New Jersey State Electrical License and Permit is required for electrical work performed in New Jersey.

Where it applies, there is a 6% New Jersey Sales Tax.

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