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Company Profile

The National Electrical Contractors Association, founded in 1901, is the leading representative of a segment of the construction market comprised of over 70,000 electrical contracting firms. The industry employs over 650,000 electrical workers and produces an annual volume of over $65 billion. NECA includes 118 U.S. chapters in addition to others in countries around the world.

Local chapter managers, assisted by NECA's staff in National office and the field, negotiate and administer labor agreements with local unions of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

At all levels, NECA provides non-labor relations type services to contractors, including detailed publications and workshops on virtually every aspect of the electrical construction industry. We develop new publications - some of them electronic - and new training events in response to the latest industry trends and member needs.

As managers, our members want to take a closer look at the future, too - which is why NECA established The Electrical Contracting Foundation. The Foundation is the only entity in the electrical construction industry that through research investigates the future.

Board of Directors

Thomas J. McAdam
Kenneth Shea
Vice President
Nelson Cooney
Joseph Delgado
George Brestle
Jeff Houde
Anthony "Abby" Scarpa
Charles Geiter
Kenneth Lawlor
David Waladkewics
Raymond Palmieri
Thomas Reilly
NECA is dedicated to enhancing the industry through continuing education, labor relations, current information and promotional activities. It is the voice of the electrical contracting industry, working to promote higher standards, quality workmanship and training for a skilled workforce.
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